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Sarah Michelle Gellar Sexy Bikini (2 Photos)

Buffy Anne Summers from Buffy the Vampire Killer spruced up this Xmas in a pink barbie swimwear. Obviously, we are not discussing Buffy herself, however regarding the starlet that played her duty Sarah Michelle Gellar. The 45-year-old blonde still looks hot, specifically in this pink swimwear with the engraving BARBIE! Read More

Sarah Michelle Gellar Tits

Sarah Michelle Gellar Exposed Tits In Cleavage (1 Selfie)

46-year-old American starlet Sarah Michelle Gellar suddenly revealed her tits in a deep bosom outfit. At the event, the well-known starlet took a selfie leaning reduced to the electronic camera in an enlightening outfit. Sarah’s tits in deep bosom are simply beautiful! Absolutely our cherished Buffy is stillhot Sarah Michelle Read More